Monday, December 12, 2011

I Awoke Unrest

There I lie, the signs designed to fade.
All hope and pride, shall soon reside away.
It's clear to hear the silence beckoning, resonating inside these walls.
Pale, white, my face changed another name.
A ghost, the haunting, and the journey I will take.
The lives I touch are now too rough, for me to smooth.

I am now unrest.

Phantom, oh Phantom, guide me to the end.
I want to contain all I've been,
Don't let my values slip away.
I'm dead outside, but in these eyes I'm still alive.
What happened to the life I lived?

I am now unrest.

Tell me I am pure, please say I am secure
From the evil that surrounded me while awake.
Let untouched by the demons of my father,
I want to know what will happened my soul.
Helpless body, fragile minds, wait the return.

But I am now unrest.


  1. I love this piece of inspiring poetry. You strum all the right strings on my heart-guitar.