Monday, November 28, 2011

Adore, My Death

A feeling of fallen snow, on such warm hands.
The fire ignited, swarms of red and gold.
Now frozen in time, I can't stay forever.
On hold, the numbing is climbing and tingling.
Talk to me trees, I could use the company.
I'm losing my thought, an erosion of self loathing.

So breathe, my beat continues on.
Rest aside the past I've lived,
No worry nor doubt,
That I will be reborn from the clouds.

The wildfire spreads wide and out.
It wasn't my fault, just a coincidence of fate.
Alone, was the feeling escaped.
Trapped, is the feeling contained.
Server the ties of this search party,
You'll never find me.
For I can't even find myself.

Honor the life I lived, for I live no more.
Buried, cold, broken.
Signs of my demise etched in the snow.
So slow, as the river flows downstream.
Though the water is shallow,
My life sinks in the lake.
Hold close the flame, burn away the cold,
Don't let my vein life grow old.