Wednesday, November 23, 2011

He Was Borne Of Our Griefs

Stumbling and whispering, the boy seems so confused.
A reckoning, a suffering, of the girl who lost her way.
Once upon a weary time
I held you in my hands;
but now, all I see, is the empty eyes of a boy turned to a man.

Awake, my solitude, a holy tune, whispering in my head.
Sleep, my hungry thought, a tasteless trot, dancing in my bed.

Girl, please be found. Boy, break your bounds.
For all of this art is falsehood in disguise
Leaving nothing to chance
Come alive.
The passing time to test my heart that will survive.

I'll pass the slumber,
wait for the dreams.
I'm sorry I removed you from your sleep.
What was once warm, now is cold
Trial and error, risk and gamble
My heart lies, broken and shackled.

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  1. The true soul of a poet. keep up the quality work. a3