Monday, May 2, 2011

If You Ever Felt : Different

"You know how dead this town is?" Kezia asked Anberlin and Emery. "I just can't help but wonder what we could do to liven it up? I mean we are in a band..."

"That no one seems to like," Anberlin interrupted. "We have such an odd sound that is too complex and beyond their ears. I mean I don't blame them, this town tried to get Nickelback here. I would of protested the hell of that if they did."

"I think we need to start something, create something that everyone will love. I mean, we've traveled and been to enough shows that many of the bands know us by name. Why not start a festival to broaden the musical views of this lame ass town?"

"You know Emery, I think you're on to something. I'm going to call all the bands on my phone, you two do the same. Ask them for a simple favor...just for one day, could they play a show in this town."

Several weeks passed and as the outcasts gathered more and more bands to help support their cause, more and more trouble was being caused.

Word got out about their efforts to create a movement, and many of the other people in the town were highly against it. The elderly mocked them, the adults doubted them, the kids harassed them. A few times, or few too many times, Emery, being the only boy, was beaten behind alley ways. This was sent as a message to Anberlin and Kezia. It was obvious this town didn't need change, they were too proud to. This town was perfect, as least to those who ran it; and the brainwashed humans being raised there. Either way, they accomplished what they set out to do.

"Well, everything is set up and we open in about 10 hours," explained Kezia.

"I have to say, I can't believe what we've done. I just hope this place get's it," Anberlin said with concern.

"It's much more than that Anberlin. It's about creating something for ourselves and for the future. When you're little, you're parents hold 99% of influence on you, and when we get older we start find our own influence. I want to shake this place of that constricting hold of influence. I want to open the eyes of this town. I didn't get these scars and wounds for nothing, I'll be more than what they ever gave me. It's not whether if this town get's it, because I could careless if they slumber in their pride, but they need to accept it. There is a world much more unforgiving, and I'm not sure if this town sees it. They don't have to like our music, or our looks, or our beliefs, but with every inch of blood my body holds, I'll make sure they accept it. We stand alone here, we have to be greater than the fear. "

Emery looked onto the flat fields of where the stage, the lights, and the audience will be. It was a sold out event. They just hope to open the eyes of the town. They knew creating a movement wouldn't be easy, but if you want change: don't ask for it, be it.