Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cliff hangers

I just wanted to say: if you haven't noticed my stories tend to go well..."unfinished." It's not that I've forgotten about the ending, it's just that's I how I feel a good story to end. Too often in our lives we never get a resolved ending, and since my writings reflect my life, it shows that. I don't really do it on purpose (more of a habit), but I feel like once I've gotten out what I need to say, then I've said enough. If you ever feel confused or not sure what's happens to the characters, or with the story in general, I'm sorry. My writing style is harsh on the mind for this reason.

As a reward for you, the readers, I'll post some art that relates to my works. This is just for pure aesthetics...and...I'm having a bit of trouble with what my next work will be. (Gasp!)

And...finals is right around the corner. So it'll be easier on me; it's selfish, I know. But education comes first.

Good luck and Godspeed.
A Kid At Heart.


  1. Cliff hangers are a good way to keep the mind thinking...

  2. I thought you just derived fragments of stories and then eventually it will form into some sort of "whole" story. Would've been cool shits.

  3. Maybe you feel that if you finish the story, it's over and you can't enjoy it anymore.

  4. I have problems with endings too.

  5. its alright if you ask me

  6. sure thats how a good story can end, but in your real life that not how stories end. you live through them, and move onto the next chapter... but i suppose leaving things up to your imagination is actually better then reality.