Friday, April 8, 2011

Progression In The Notes

Music is undoubtedly the gear that keeps my life in motion. It cycles round and round making sure that everything is working properly and efficiently. Even when the machine, that is my life, begins to stall and cause trouble or despair, it'll continue to run; slowly, but surely. At any rate, when I finish my education here at this university, I have big plans for the music world.

The Plan:
Start a band that covers and can be identified with the wide spectrum that is "genre." In short, I want to generate a band that plays every single type of genre. Throughout my experience of music, I am only bias against the band or musicians, but not the music itself. I've had this idea ever since I was in my first band...which was about five years ago. (I'm 20 now.)

Not to sound too pretentious or conceded, but I am so filled with musical art that I just want to expand and broaden it over everyone's mind. With that said, I want to do this with myself. I want be screenwriter, director, artist, author, and myriad other things. But this band idea is something that I must construct. I don't care how long it takes nor the effort. Think of it as how Thrice composed the Alchemy Indexes. Each element having their own sound and style.

I am want to blend music for all to enjoy, for it should be enjoyed for everyone.


  1. You are going to be great! I know it!

  2. It may sound like a good idea, but you might have fans who only like one genre of yours and other fans who like another genre. A lot of your fans might be angry that there isn't more of their "favorite" genre, or more of there least favorite.

  3. sounds good. Keep it broad. Then when you find what you like and most importantly, what everyone else likes, go get it.

  4. I'd buy an album of yours no questions asked :D

  5. I love reading your blog, good luck with the band.