Friday, April 8, 2011

Difference In Trying With Actions

As the two men sat in the cafe off a corner street of R St., the noise remained a minimum. The men were the age of a young adult, early 20's. They drank their hot drinks, one had an taste for exotic tea, and the other a indifferent style of coffee. They sat in the farthest corner of the cafe, at which, I presume, was their favorite spot; only because there were two chairs that didn't match the others placed around the cafe. I could over hear their conversation, they spoke with kindness and intelligence.

"I refuse to believe that. It is entirely false, not to mention ultimately silly," one of the them spoke. He wore a faded brown bowlers hat. For the sake of not being interrupting, and creepy, we'll call him "Bowler." He gave a smirk to the side of the face, to impose that he was waiting for a proof to prove him wrong.

"Think about it, in depth and carefully. You cannot 'try' in this world; either you do or you don't. It's a complex solution to an easy answer. How many times do people say, 'Yes, I tried it but I didn't prevail' instead of just saying, 'I failed'? It is an easy way to let down yourself, and others. Don't believe me, how about this..."

The man then bent over and grabbed a porcelain figure from his bag that was resting on the foreleg of his chair. The figure was of a small animal, I couldn't make a distinction on what animal it was. He placed the figure on top of his laid out flat hand, palm up, and asked Bowler a simple question:

"Take this figure from my hand..."

It was at that point I knew of what the man with the figure was saying.


  1. Oh wow, very well written! Good read.

  2. is this an exerpt of a future story? :P
    it's nice.

  3. I made it into starbucks today but my card got declined :( all I wanted was a drink to celebrate friday.

  4. I really like your style, I'm looking forward to more good material.

  5. Wow... Your writing is amazing. :)

  6. Feels like I'm really watching the two guys, good job :)