Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adenture Awaits: Boomerang Stare

Set in the worry, bring out the confusion,
I thought I knew what I was doing.
Remember the fading, when my legs started shaking,
I'm trying to get myself out of here.

Upon my landing, I was afraid.
Within my steps, each being a mistake I've made.
No friends, no home,
no one to claim as my own.
My body is new to these lands,
please help me blue bird, how to understand.

Redd bird, you must learn how to see,
that this life, is never as it seems.
The sky does end, but our eyes are deceived,
the heavens are touch, by those on top of trees.
What you need to know, these birds don't care,
they'll see right through, with their boomerang stare.
Be calm, be brave, I'll help you to fly.

I must belong, to birds of my kind.
All said and done, Blue bird is right,
nothing is clear, in the adventure called life.
My only friend, help me to soar.
I'll keep to heart, what you've stated to me,

"The sky will change colors from blue, and the trees don't ever stay green,
Sometimes the colors we see, are the ones that lie in between."


  1. Good job man :> What inspired you to write it?

  2. This here is some epic poetry.
    Pretty thought provoked brah. It's like life has it's limits but you make it limitless. keep writing.

  3. Well I'll be going into my third year of college, and I'll be getting a place up in my college's city. So, I'm the cardinal finding my own home.

  4. good stuff mate. keep it up

  5. Thanks for updating so much, makes my day!

  6. good stuff. i am also 3rd year college student.


  7. very good poetry. the theme fits with the essence of it quite well. keep writing and i'll keep reading :)