Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adventure Awaits: The Same Difference

After searching so long for a tree to rest in, I found a large tree full of blue jays. From what my mother told me, they are very friendly and social. I came to the conclusion that of course they would like me! I'm friendly, happy, outgoing. This is the perfect environment for me.

I slowly landed on the end of a branch about a few feet away from everyone else. Some didn't see me, but most gave me a confusing glare. As the nervousness filled my body, my heart was rapidly accelerating. I walked as calmly as I could towards the flock. My eyes tried their best to avoid another pair of simmering eyes; their glance felt as if they passed through me, exited, but then turned around and went right through me again. It was a boomerang stare. I kept repeating to myself what my mother always taught me, "Don't let their eyes break you, for their words will do it much worse."

I kept walking deeper and deeper into the tree, I could see the main trunk of the tree. Then out of nowhere, a blue jay called me over. He was averting the crowd, releasing the tension that was choking me. I smiled, waved, and hustled over to the blue jay.

"What do you think you're doing here?" he questioned of me. I didn't know what to say, it could of been all of the confusion and nerves grabbing my throat, that, or I really had no reason what I was doing.

"Listen, you're lucky I saved you. Most blue jays around here don't take kindly to newly ones. Didn't your mother tell you different?"

I was finally able to speak, and in response, "she said that blue jays are always so friendly and social. I thought I could make friends here...guess not."

The blue jay was either surprise at my answer, or how pathetic I sounded; I wasn't quite sure. But my guess is, both.

"Listen cardinal, you made one friend. You got me. But you have to be careful about what you do on your own. This world isn't as people say it is. The sky isn't always blue, and the trees aren't always green. Sometimes, the colors we see are the ones that lie in between."


  1. Cool from a birds perspective! Job well done

  2. I love how birds are modern day dinosaurs. I must admit I also love that they are delicious.

  3. oh man, i knew there was something iffy about bluejays

  4. I have read this post and I have seen the face of god.

  5. Great post! Was a really good read! thanks for sharing!

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  7. so many people don't take the time to have a good adventure anymore. they are so busy with work, tv, school, etc., that they forget to take a break and have some real fun!