Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adenture Awaits: The Encounter

As Jack and I left that bitterly sweet blue jay tree, we noticed some black birds in the distance. They seemed to be teasing a little humming bird. The black birds seemed to have tied a medium size rock to its legs. And, being so small and frail, wasn't able to fly away.

"Hey Jack, look at those birds over there...they're teasing a mocking bird."

"Well just let them be, we don't want trouble with them. That's Punch and her crew of ravens; Allan, Poe, and Edgar," he responded with haste.

"She's an uncaring, heartless crow. She cares nothing for others, barely any for the ravens. With her unruly mind, and their pathetic loyalty, they make for a dangerous combination."

He glanced down for a split second to see them torturing the little humming bird.

I noticed in the moment of time that he too had been bullied by those black birds. From what I gathered from encountering Jack, I thought he wasn't to be a push over; for the way he saved me back in the blue jay tree. But now I can see he didn't always have that confidence.

With a slow decent, I back tracked to the black birds and the one in need of help. I did it quietly as to not let Jack notice my disappearance.

"Redd, they're just a bunch of no-good...fiends," he noticed my absence.
"Redd! Don't do it! You don't know what you're getting into!" he shouted.

Too late, I was focused on helping that defenseless humming bird. I swooped down and interfered. Yet again, not thinking through what I was doing.

"Hey, quit teasing that helpless bird!"

With a slow pause, they all turned to face me, even the humming bird was shocked.

"You mustn't be talking to us boy, would you?" said one of the ravens.

"Yeah, you permittin' for a beatdown?" another said.

"You've done it now cardinal. How dare you intervene," the last one joined.

I opened my mouth to speak, when I had finally something to say, the largest bird spoke,

"Allan, Poe, Edgar, quiet. This cardinal has something to let him. If he believes we should let the humming bird go, so be it. Cut the bird loose."

The three of them faced each other, confusion swept their faces. They released the bird and turned to face their leader.

"But Punch, why? Because of what some nobody said? I'm not buying in boss?" Allan argued.

"Yeah, boss lady, for why? He's just a dumb cardinal!" Poe agreeing.

"This red bird bares now weigh on our actions, he's purely insignificant," Edgar continued.

At this point, though few words were said, I quickly picked up the vibe surrounding me: it was the blue jay tree repeating. That feeling being unwelcome, unpleasant, and unsure about my safety. I knew I should of listened to Jack, such a cautious sweet bird. The only one to save me, but too late now.

"Punch, leave him alone. He didn't know what he was doing," Jack's voice rained from above.

"He's just a ignorant know how they are, irrational. I'll take him off your hands. He'll been taught enough lessons for today...I promise."

"You know what Jack," Punch stated with an irritated sweet voice, "you owe me. If he's your friend, you're just as stupid as he is. He better learn that I'm not to be messed with, and this cardinal better know his place in the world. I'm the treeline, and he's the dirt beneath the roots. Make sure he knows that...Edgar, Allan, Poe, we're leaving."