Sunday, August 1, 2010

Free-Fall Collection: First Best Thing

I'm having everything at the tip of my hands
Just when I started to give up trying to stand,
My legs gain strength from the sound of a voice
When it leaves your lips it fills the air with joy,
Tell me how did I ever get so lucky
With crack of a joke, the crowd smiles
And soon I begin to drift for miles

Let me be the first to say,
This is what I've wanted,
It's all to real, with my eyes
I'll make this girl my ever lasting prize,

My arms wrapped around tight
Something I can't give up without a fight,
Confront myself about this thing
That tends to be bothering,
How can I, get what I wanted,
No more being the prey, you were what I hunted,

My prize, look into my eyes,
I'll never break this promise to hurt you
With all of my might, I'll be true,

Time to get this act together
The curtain can't fall this early,
A round of applause for my dear
Take your bow and raise your head high
For when you awake, I'll be in the sky,

Wish you could come, wish it were real
But things happen for reasons,
Fantasy is held back by this seal,
As much as she is apart of this sea,
You are the frist best thing to ever happen to me.

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