Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free-Fall Collection: Past

I wish I could go back and change the past
What was said, what was done
So many thoughts that I am thinking of.
I wish I could move on from the present
A hopeless spot left unaltered
Now facing all of the danger I have to encounter.

My dear, you are the one for me.

It's not what I've been looking for
It's what I've been dreaming of
These nightmares remain with the endless pain
Of us, not together.

Held for shelter the changing weather
Will always be over our heads,
The past is the past and I'm glad for what has happened
But you should of been with me,
Just speck in time that you would of been mine
And now I stare into the sea,
My heart is not breaking but will always be shaking
from the thoughts of you.

What have I done to us
We had it set into our hearts
What was I suppose to do
Given up before it had a start
It wasn't right, it was out of place
Why couldn't we be wrong


A ripple surfing into the waves of our deepest desires
To you I owe much thanks for making me happy
Now I must turn my back against what you've done
My eyes laid out, for someone else
While you waited for me
On that dusty shelf.

You aren't what I deserve
You are what I want.

Why could we have been wrong together.

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