Tuesday, July 27, 2010

White Flags

We are starving ourselves of joy
A sign that we need to see
That this life isn't just a toy,
Believer, I tell thee to find a way out
Planting the seeds allowing us to sprout,
Stride for you what you want most
Whether it be touching the sky
Or sailing from coast to coast,
Never give up, never surrender
Even with a heart broken and tender,

We have to think that there is more
Search high and low for it
Because once you find it you have to be sure
That this is what you want and crave
Can't explore without being brave
Work hard for those deep needs and desires
Traveler, you have everything on your back
Bleed, sweat, and work past being tired,
Never yield, never forfeit,
Even when the heart seem to stop and quit.

White flags wave like clouds
Looking skyward means your heads up
But looking down shows you've lost all of your pride.

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