Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Free-Fall Collection: Kick Start

I am getting drawn in too deep
When will this circle end,
I have the best, or so I do think
Perhaps my mind is beginning to sink
Down with the waves, crashing with the tide
Make these obscene feelings subside,

I will try to leave this city behind
Roll in and out of every single bind,
Tell me reflection, what do you see
"You don't want to know,
These eyes are pail like the falling snow."

Cast away with these changes
I can seem to cover them with bandages,
I know, I know come what may
But I still think it can't come through
Accidents always have a way of coming true,

I've got to separate the two
What's real and what's a dream
This situation is being more than it needs to be,
Break away, cast away,
I've got to separate the two
If I don't I'll never know
How good this is until I watch it go.

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