Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If You Ever Felt : Left Behind

I just don't get it. I can't seem to see where I'm going right now; my life is such a blur and going faster than I can run. But I know one thing's for sure, I'll have my friends to help me.

It's midway through my junior year, and I have no idea whether or not I'm going anywhere. Well, to be fair I have above average grades, have a steady job, and don't have a girlfriend, but I'm not looking so that's fair. And my friend's are the best, they are all what I like to see in another human being. I think that's why we click so well. My friends are forever.

Well it's lunch and I finally get a break from all my classes and just get to hang out. I go to the usual spot that we hang out at. The spot has gotten pretty crowded due to the increasing people trying to find a place to hang out, and ours is the most popular. Today it was just way too crowded, so me, Brian, Waltz, and Quinton retreated to a small corner on the other side of the school. It's small; the move was short.

We all sat down and talked about our classes, each going through the order we have them. That was when we hit 4th period, the one before lunch.

"I can't believe how lame that chemistry test was," Brian started. "I really hate that class. I mean I'm not going to college. So why bother?"

"I don't know, it's good be educated," Quinton answered. "I mean, you may not ever use it but it is always good to keep learning."

"Easy for you to say...learning comes easily for you. I envy you for that Quint. But I'm not. I have to try so hard, and I think I'm barely going to make it into college. Speaking of which, Simon you decide which school?"

"I don't know Waltz. I really don't. I wish I knew so I could get this all figured out instead of being so rushed and stressed."

"Come on dude, you need to decide soon. Otherwise it's going to be a pain once you try to apply, if you do at all."

"I don't need school, it's not for me," Brian interrupted.

"Well that's apparent," chucked Quinton. "One of the people I know who got detention in detention. Bravo cheery!"

"Shut up! It was the kid next me!"

"You said you were the only kid in there!"

"Yeah yeah you two, shut it. We have to help Simon here. He's in a jam. Well why don't you want to go?" Waltz asked with care.

I took a long breath and said, "Well things are just so perfect here, I don't want to leave it behind. I know it sounds kind of cheesy but I figured myself to be having a better job, my own apartment, and a girlfriend in a few years. And it costs so much money and trouble. I want to find myself before I start college. Not to mention that I want to know what I want to do with myself. I can't stand the fact that I'm good at school, but not know what is my calling as a career. I don't want to leave all this behind, nor you guys. My best friends. I'll be alone up there. It's a stupid thing I know, but you guys know I'm not good with people. I can't leave everything behind."

They all looked at each other confused, then looked back at me.

Quinton spoke, and I think for the rest of them, "Leaving us behind? How is that possible? You're never going to get rid of me and these two idiots. More or less lose our friendship. Listen, life goes on and that's how it should be. Don't be afraid of moving forward while others are moving in another direction than you. As long as we're all moving forward, it'll be okay. Regardless of what happens to us and where we go, we'll always be friends. The best was to look at is, no one is getting left behind, then it's all right."

Well seeing that I was surrounded by my friends, I guess they must be right. There is only such much we humans can explain, and for the things we can't, I guess leave it our friends to figure it our for us.


  1. changing schools will change things

  2. Hey, I like your blog, following you!

  3. Do what you think is best for you :)

  4. i wish i had friends like that ;________;

  5. New social playgrounds are always nice. And when you do change em, only true friends remain ;)

  6. youre really good at writing and painting a picture in the persons head, following!

  7. Quinton seems like a wise person, listen to him :)

  8. I'm back with more music! Had some issues but all good now!

    Missed your writing and your calming blog theme =)

  9. Good post mate, I enjoyed that. You have a great writing style.

  10. Love your thinking. Coincides with me :)