Sunday, April 24, 2011

If You Ever Felt : A Collection Of Outsiders

I'm working on a new short story collection. Most of the stories will about various characters facing the troublesome environment they can't seem to blend into. I have witnessed, and known of, people who just seem to stick like a sore thumb wherever they are. I too have felt this way; it's a daily burden. They face the social aspects of "popular culture," such as music, clothing style, language, manners, social norms, and anything pop culture we see in society.

I for one just don't agree with any pop culture, I accept it, just don't embrace it. I've grown up to be someone who takes everything with an open mind, and it is true that I may not like some the things I see today. However I have a valid reason, at least one that makes sense to me, to not like. I'm not prejudice, just sometimes bias. But...who isn't?

I hope you will enjoy them. Here is a short breakdown of the stories:

Left Behind: Simon adores his friends, but with his journey as a high school junior coming to a close, he must decide whether to stay with them or go off to college? Friends or a future?

Like A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Do like be to around people? Or be locked up in your room? How about both? Then you might like Kevin. Such a social butterfly, yet a loner. Is there ever a balance between the crowds and loneliness?

Afraid Of Change: Day in, day out. Sun rise, sun set. Davey loves where his life is, yet there never time to just be free. Such a strict schedule. But...maybe rules can be broken? Well, only if you're not scared of the alternate path life gives us.

Different: Anberlin, Kezia, and Emery try to bring life into their quiet little town. No one likes their music, attitudes, fashion sense, and most of their detail to what really matters in the world. Get cultured or get out.


  1. Looking forward to them :)
    will the other story be finished?

  2. really looking forward

    interesting blog! keep it up

  3. Very interesting stories, looking forward to reading them all.

  4. I always look forward to your short stories. a3

  5. It's cool to read your thoughts, I think you would benefit from some 311...