Monday, April 18, 2011

Ghost Rivalries: My Movement

Finally, the arrival of my closest friend Alex, I could repent. He was the first friend that I usually hang out with when I return home. He is much of a people person and he has a wide range of social communities in which he can relate too. Alex is much like me, quite like me, but much more out going.

Alex, much like, if not all, of my friends, tend to just accept my house as their second home. All of my friends are close to my parents, for they are the caring type and there hasn't been a friend they haven't known about. My friends adore my parents, and vice versa.

Alex and I proceeded to the backyard of my house. It had a nice patio that was a perfect accompaniment for two wholesome life-long friends to converse passionately. Also to compliment our talk, the night sky allowed for beautiful stars and bright moon. I began the conversation.

"What have you been up to dude? I never see you when I get back home anymore..."

"I dude...I'm sorry man. I know, well I've been busy with work. So we never have the time off at the same time." I know he did have have his own life to live, and true I didn't expect the world to stop when I came back into town. But I still can't help but wonder.

"I just feel like I never see anyone any more, you know? I mean I'm far away...but...I hoped it would mean more time to appreciate the people when I'm here. I don't know, I guess I'm being a bit selfish. I just don't want to leave this place knowing that I've broken every bond with the people I've befriended here. Soon I'll be more almost 500 miles away from everyone and I'd really hate to leave on a bad note...I feel like the paths of our lives are dividing. Their dividing from me, and multiplying for those who stay."

As much as it hurt to speak how I felt. I know Alex would feel the same. He too noticed how friends will separate and start to grow apart. But for me he knew it was much more than that because I couldn't help not leaving this broken city. With caring eyes, he answered back.

"I know it sucks that you have to go school so far away, it's something you couldn't help. However, you know that out of all of our friends, you'd be the one to go somewhere in life. That's the way I see it. Every since middle school you've talked about going to college and finding a career. I admire, and envy you for that. I observe Taylor, Hunter, and Marvin, hell everyone else in this exhausting city. They aren't going anywhere...and if they are, they aren't moving fast. In retrospect, it's you who is the one moving on...we remain stationary."

I'm glad to hear that they haven't forgotten me, nor I have them. Friends are friends forever.

We continued the night talking about life, relationships, and where we see ourselves going. We also reminisced about the old times we've spent together. After a long conversation, we went inside to pour ourselves some liquored up mixed drinks. Tough drinks for strong emotions. Alex and I continued to talk till about 4 a.m. It was nights like these that helped me assess my friends. I just have to figure out this city...


  1. That is sooo true!
    Happened to me when I saw few of my childhood friends when I came to visit my homeland. Haven't seen them for over 10 years, but I guess everything always changes and our lives go on.

  2. I don't think i've ever had a deep conversation with a friend before

  3. Crap.. You just reminded me of a friend I've recently drifted apart from, we used to talk for hours a day :|

  4. Friends are friends forever. It's almost always true.

  5. that's right if friendship then forever +followed

  6. i have lots of friends forever! nice post!

  7. great post! keep up the good work

  8. Yeah definitely agree. Followed and supporting.

  9. it made me sad a little. just remembered some old memories, friends, places... the fact that it is all gone now, since time never stops...