Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ghost Rivalries: My Drive Across Town

The next morning I woke up fresh and clean headed about everything, so today I was going to do some errands around town. Now this city is small, mostly residential, but in recent years there have been buildings hosting all sorts of different stores. As I got dressed and looked at my list of things to do, I felt good about today. I wasn't sure why; I just did.

Driving for me allows me to think, be trouble free, and mostly just have some time to myself. I love being my car, whether it be on the freeway or on a small open country side road. For other reasons, driving let's you feel limitless. I mean, is there any other better feelings than that of a full tank of gas? I think not.

I proceeded to play of my favorite bands Mae. They are the perfect band to play on a busy warm day like today. Destination: Beautiful is very light, playful, and quite catchy. Every song has it's own edge and style to the album.

I stopped at the red light. I looked over to my right which held traffic. The traffic hosted a young high school student, I could tell do to the parking sticker from the high school on the top right of the windshield. An elderly lady who drove a nice solid black Jaguar. I laughed at the contrast that was situated to the right of me. The light turned green and I proceeded with my drive.

It from there that I saw this city for what it really was. My entire drive around I saw only youngsters and the elderly. I remember growing up here that there was such diversity, but being little, my mind was so fixated on what was new, not the same. Now it is the opposite. I'm fascinated by the change of this city.

This city is only good for two things, the schools and the property. From element school to high school, we have such prestigious academics. In turn, once the population hits 18 or 19, they're off to college. It is exactly as I grew up remembering...but never accepting. I am a perfect example to this.

Property? What could an elderly lady be connected to property? That, is responsible for all of the gated communities this trapped city have. Once the senior citizens have retired, they migrated their way here. Makes sense now?

It's just the way I remembered to forget it. This drive made me forget how I remembered this city.


  1. Insane... Come check me out,

  2. >is there any other better feelings than that of a full tank of gas? I think not.

    i know that feeling all too well :x

  3. Full tank of gas is like $50, haven't had that feeling in a while.