Monday, April 4, 2011

Adventure Awaits: The Search

Tell me I'm dreaming,
my mind so vivid and lucid.
I've caused a mess of my life,
a conflict with my pride.
Head held high, wings spread wide,
and my search to the sky.

Whoever has the answer,
needs to ask more questions.
I've been pulling the two,
like a harsh competition.
I must search the ground,
before I start to look in the clouds.
A reason for seeing, what has been leading,
the blue jay has helped me,
the raven has shown what I'm missing.
The foolish crows will taunt, but I'm above them.
The old vulture answered with questions.
Now I know what I'm searching,
I must put them together.

Now I'm set off on my own. A new path, new sky to explore. I can't let these crows and ravens block my view from the deep light blue. There will always be evil, as long as there is good. We must learn to pick our battles, and whether win or lose, we'll come out on top. For my wings aren't made of wax and I will soar as high as I want. I'll reach those skyline limits and never look down. Home isn't your house, nor where you live; home is that comfort we have in ourselves. That reinventing secure feelings of knowledge. When home is always with me, I will face any new adventure that awaits.