Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Desert Tales: Coyotes, Wolves, And Bandits

I have to find my way out of God forsaken place,
the dusty roads leave a nasty trail.
When no law is held, all hell breaks loose.
I ran for the wrong reasons,
ended up in the horrible place.
And now I can see, that there is no escape.

We're all mad here, and you cannot leave.
The fallen foes, all of the lost souls,
and the ghosts who wander alone.
You cannot exit from here.
Society and the girl rejected you,
and now what do you want to prove?

I will finish you Coyote, you're not taking me.
(But the Wolf will have my side)
Let it be, but I will avenge time when I leave.
(Draw now and make ends meet)

This city is hell, I'm burning alive.
Bandit, I'm calling to you.
My friend, the only one who made sense.
The sun is raining down,
turn around, walk with my back against this town.


  1. It sounds like there might be a typo in the second paragraph. Other then that I liked it a lot.

  2. Poem or song? Either or it sounds amazing! Following!

  3. Coyotes always remind me of those guys who ferry people across the border...Not nice guys....weird that I don't think about the animal immediately any longer. Makes me sad. Will you hold me?

  4. You've got some talent man, all of these really make you think.

  5. nice lyrics, looking forward to more like it
    liking other content also

  6. interesting poem. i hope you get to perform this for others.

  7. good shit man, consider writing a poetry anthology, good shit.

  8. I like this. Its got an interesting vibe to it that I got from just solely reading it.