Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Castle & The Church: Sinking Ships / Sunken Hearts

Make them love me, let them know,
that I just want their hearts to be mine.
I'll be the one they adore, standing out the test of their time.
My shaking blue hands,
all the fury held right to my command.
He says burn the city, we all live in sin.
I must cleanse humans.
He granted me this power, I won't disobey,
the one who gave me freedom.
I must be pure, hearts of glass,
to be reborn out of the ash.

Why do they scream in terror,
running away from my help.
I am going to save them,
rebuilding the mends we've held.
A fire so great of reds and heat,
from the horizon to the sky,
I am watching every sin die.

"It'll hurt before it gets better,"
but do I dare to believe,
all of the broken things he's saying to me.
"We'll teach them revenge my child,"
how can I save the people,
when they are burn in this wild fire.

From the Castle to the Church,
the city lays in smoke.
Yells and cries ring out from everywhere,
not of rejoice or care.
The sound of terror, fear,
mixed in with fury and despair.
What have I done, what have I begun.
I am killing sin, but sin is in everyone.
This is wrong, this is wrong, I've been corrupted all along.
The Angel lied, he promised me power,
but I'd have to give the Final Hour.
The blood stains on my name, though not visible,
will haunt me to my grave.

"You've been just a machine,"
but now I can see,
all of the misguidance you've given me.
"I knew you wouldn't learn,"
the humble difference between deceit and concern.

I've been poisoned by power,
stricken with greed,
sadly to watch everyone I love bleed.
I was lost at sea, with no moral to give me a grip,
The Angel took over, leaving me to sink these ships.

Sailed into the waves of flames,
my hands lead the way of tragedy.
The shock now sets in, when my name has shed their red.
My pale skin shaking and shivering.
The intensity of my demise caused the heat burn this city.

He smiles is sharp, his eyes so cold.
Just a pawn is in his revenge, now I am broken and useless to him.
I thought we had a bond, a deal was made,
"Child, you'll believe anything the Elders will say.
You know no difference between evil and good,
so I plotted in a way I knew you would."
Played out and so confused,
feeling the ache and burns of being used.
I finally know that I never knew who I was.

With this shadow above my head,
I cast such a dark flame.
The spark of brutal pain,
Repair, rebuild, and repent.

The power at my hands was a lie,
In trying to do what was helping,
only caused more to cry.
I felt the wrath of my own fury.
A drive can take the wheel and drive you insane.
I can't see my reflection,
the light is so dark, infecting my heart.
No room to point blame,
my hands were the match that ignited the flames.

With this shadow above my head,
I cast such a dark flame.
The spark of brutal pain,
Repair, rebuild, and repent.

With this shadow above my head,
(My ship met the land of demise)
I cast such a dark flame.
(The Crown and the Cross meet my eyes)
The spark of brutal pain,
(I must revive the light in dark)
Repair, rebuild, and repent.
(From the grave, comes the sunken hearts)