Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Castle & The Church: My Word Is My Bond

I'll do what he says,
I believe every bit.
He'll teach me things to make me great.
I'll be loved by all,
with my face in frame on every wall.

The Angel was just a victim,
I'll give him his wings, and some hope,
make this city see the best they have ever known.
The power, the control,
I get to savor everything.

"My word is my bond, it won't be broken."
I'll sign in red, trusting your words spoken.
"My child, my child, you'll be just fine."
I know of nothing to set-up the collide.

"Shake my hand, and deed is done."
Oh teacher, show me your ways.
"All in good time dear child."

"Do what you're told, and I promise,
your name will great."

I want to be great, I want to be known,
Angel please help me so!

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