Monday, August 16, 2010

Free-Fall Collection: Bring Me Back

Don't you know that I can't change the fortune ahead,
The fading waves of time drawn me to the sea of dread,
From the tops of the world I saw a life crumble,
The fault lies on the one who decided to shake the gravel,
Don't look for others to seek and recover a lost phase of your life,
Start from the back of the pack, work forward, never give up that strife,
Bring me back to the way things used to be,
I can't bare the order of my dreams,
It's not what I want, it is what I deserved,
Accept it all, or watch your leaves fall,
Oh my eyes, oh my eyes are weathered in disguise,
I was blind, I was blind, for breaking our sweet bind,
Oh my love, oh my love I want to see you in my arms,
To be near, to be there would only gather up the storm,

I hope to land with a grip on reality,
A peaceful place with a gentle sight on certainty.

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