Thursday, August 5, 2010

Free-Fall Collection: Beginners Luck

I've traveling down this road
I think that I've seen everything
Each ghost town and fallen city
Delivers a message of true divinity,

Where will I begin to end
Coming to terms, with my submission
How can I go on like this
Knowing I won't ever breath permission,

I have to break free from tempation
Be at one with harmony,
Contraptions and gadgets
Always hold me back,
I forever on the defense
I forever, will never be able to attack

I started something I need finish
My hands are bound to her
My eyes get heavier
And my body lays on the floor,
I've told you once, I've told you thrice
My heart heeds to every vice,

I must confess now, before all hell breaks loose
I don't ever want to decide
Don't ever want to choose,

I shall proceed to be with you,
With the touch of lips
I broke the guides now stare into these lines,

I began with you
And so my heart lays true
Being able to see your heart
Touch your soul
Can't ever be left behind,
Meeting you wasn't an accident
But it wasn't fate
When all seemed be a muck,
You clean me up with stroke of beginners luck.

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