Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On Second Thought

I hate to cause you this much trouble
When I am the cause of it all,
Start to think about the sound
Search hard enough for my call

When the aching in your eyes
Stop all of things you believe,
Wake up and leave, get up and go
(I am the end of this bind)
Dust off your knees, open your eyes and see,
(You'll be here where I stand)

The notes reads left to right,
Meanings can't escape the page
Every time you expect the words to change
They repeat over and over in a still frame,
Hang me out to dry
My selfish ways won't ever loosen the ties,

I am found myself alone when I thought I was free
Is this what I wanted, is this how it is suppose to be,
Do I dare enjoy this, or feel the pain of being guilty

The best thing that has ever happen to me
Won't be there for long
I need to fix what's wrong before all of this is gone

I can't get out quicksand, a trap for myself,

I dug myself into a hole,
I need your hand to reach out.

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