Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Away With The Blood Stains

I am human, I am sane,
I am different but just the same

So tell me how you feel with the blood on your hands,
I can't begin to comprehend on how you try to understand.
Such shallow eyes are carving into your mind
That what you do is right, if you don't agree we'll get into a fight.

Tell me how you can accept me as a person
When you never seem to open your ears and listen.
I am who I am and you can't change that fact
If you fail to conceive this go back to your reality
Which is seemingly all abstract.

Keep in step with the ways of feelings.
Be out of your element of the unorthodox
Connect all of the people with simple straight line
We all are different but we all share that common dot

Buildings fall from under our marching feet
By the sound of the city we hold our heads high
At the end of the day, start of every night
We will all be staring eye to eye
When we glare into that darkened sky.

I am human, I am just like you
Different in every same way
Across the wide endless atlas
I came to the conclusion, one day at the time,

I poison with substances, you poison with beliefs
Either blood or blacking out
We all need a relief from our daily grief

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