Thursday, April 15, 2010

Desert Tales: Oasis

In the time of my demise,
I have learned to compromise,
what I want, and what I can't have.

Speaking into the wild wind,
convincing myself of these sins.
I've left my town, my home,
and now I wonder this desert alone.

As the tears come from missing you,
they gather in the sand;
shade from trees, and chilly breeze,
makes my head sink into my hands.

I went west, in converted protest,
packed bags on an aching back.
I am a worm, that flew into the vultures nest.

The sun rises, and the sun sets.
What I was towards has turned away,
all I needed was a chance to pave the way.
I found myself in a crossroad deadend,
a declining stop from fantasy to pretend.
I can't control what happens now.
I will burn as the sun, I will sleep as the moon,
thus is just an illusion; I'm convinced is now my tomb.

This oasis water is getting clear.
its showing reflections,
of all these things I have feared.
But its just my face, in the water,
and my eyes, have a blank stare.

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