Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Evening Episodes

I. The Haunting Of You

Through the cycles and tides of sleep all is lucid,
The departure of you from my arms to the hospital
Heeds to exceed the warmth and worry.

Body aches, and sour mistakes
left you in darkness.

While the wheels turned wrong,

your heart sang a different song.

My body, and her, seek to plunder,
But again, my mind denies my slumber.

You sleep forever, I'm forever awake.

Breathing and living divorce, nonexistent in your place.
There's too much trembling in my hands when I begin
To touch to your face.
We move for the sake of moving, but you'll move
For the art of living. Rest my dear.
You lay calm, but the wires disagree.

May you haunt me when I try to sleep,
But this rabbit hole is unwillingly deep.

II. With The Fading Light Approaching, I Adore The Night

The bed where you lie,

is only thing that keeps you alive.

And in my time, I will wash away

all the of the destructive pain.

Restless, relentless, surrender myself to the dark.

My eyes feel the weight of you,

But the fading hope is gone with the light.

I used to sleep for hours, but with you gone

All I do count the seconds till you return to me.

Covered in white and wires, I can hear your

heart beat loud and clear. Bruised and broken,

laying so still and calm. In anger, lost control,

causing you this harm. Remove this dark.

Darkness, take me instead.

I'll trade the sun for the moon

Into the light I'll wait for her.

Take me Sleep, I am ready.

Wake, her. Or take me.

III. You Can't Go To Sleep
Sleep has got to come to you.

You can't go to sleep. She's got to

Come to you. Closing my eyes won't

Help me sleep. Wait this out...

A life kept ends suddenly
Close my eyes...relax,

Lay back and try to breathe.

It's never been harder to fall when
there's nothing to grab and that's
All i want to hold onto
I'll trade twilight for daylight

Take my soul to make her wake

My restless nightmares taking a hold of

all that I love, I just want to sleep

Aching eyes convey the conviction

of the torn nights I led

Whether by sleep or awake every effort is worth my while

I'll count the days having just one wish
if I'm doing well there's no point to this

it shattered the wiring of my brain
So dear, no matter how we drain
I hold you sweetly in my head
and if I do not miss a part of you, a part of me is dead

Sun down sun up

I've been afraid my dear I've been

afraid my dear I've been

alone here Sun down sun

up I've been alone here I've

been alone Sun down sun up

I'm alone

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