Friday, April 15, 2011

Ghost Rivalries: My Prelude

Before I start my departure from The City, I have to say that tying lose ends can sometimes may go accordingly; however you could tie a noose around our neck and hang yourself. The reason I tell you this is because not everything will go perfectly as planed. But, I have a feeling you already know this, due to the fact of myriad television dramas performing the imperfections of their lives. At any rate I'm sure you're aware of this just by the graceful acts of life bring our big-headed mentality down to the ground, burning and in a fiery blaze. Okay, maybe it's not as horrible as it was for me, but I'm sure you can relate. I didn't come from a troublesome childhood, so it's not one of those stories. Let me put it this way: The City is a place that changes people.

It's like a living creature that changes with the people in it. In such a small town, that which is now expanding, there are some things that just stay with matter how far you leave it behind. The people, the buildings, the dynamics, the enclosure. Certain things mold who you are, and in The City, there those unseeing factors that causes trouble. A rivalry between you and ghosts.


  1. it's looking really interesting so far :)

  2. I can totally relate, I grew up in a pretty small town. It certainly had it's own dynamic. Being 50 miles from Chicago gave me this weird opportunity to experience both worlds. I skipped a day of school to go there as soon as I had my license at 16. For me it was cool because I got baptized by fire as far as driving in the city was concerned. Since then they are all one. The contrast is fun.

  3. Sounds like the Crystalids. Only book I liked in highschool.