Sunday, April 10, 2011

Disturbance...With A Backing Track

Surrounding, invading,
a circumference of what I'm saying,
It's hard to mask, the troubles of our lives.
The common dreads that invade,
will reed out who shall survive.
I'm trying my best, to scream and shout.
To let this rage, anger, and anguish out.
These artists, musicians, are all same.
I can't wait to breakout, breakdown, everything that you like.
I'll be the artist painting pictures of what you all despise.
I hope to stick around, I've been training for endurance,
a marathon runner causing nothing but disturbance.

Try not to blink, or the dark will blind you.
Stand up for the force of human nature,
We can't sit and watch the torture.
Revolve, reclaim, the voice that they can't contain.