Friday, April 1, 2011

Adventure Awaits: A Sour Defense

After the encounter with Punch and her minions, I was enraged. How could she just disrespect me like that? Act as if I'm pathetic child, so degrading. I looked over Jack. He seemed disappointed, and fed up with me. I've never seen a blue jay's eyes lack to much feeling; a numb, empty, fury burning deep in his eyes.

"Are you mad at me Jack? I didn't mean to cause much trouble," I apologized.

"How could you possibly think any good could come from that? I know you think helping that humming bird would be an honorable thing to do, but what you must understand is that you could of been seriously hurt. You must think Redd...such a simple act can have a huge impact."

"Well I'm sorry I want to help others, even if it does get me hurt. I'm not one to sit around and watch these monsters bully around. There needs to be change this world, and I'm going to make it happen. I'm not some child or kid, I'm on my own proving myself that I can make it. I'm tired of everyone looking down on me. It's birds like you who won't fight for the greater good..."

"There will always be won't ever vanish forever. As long as there is good there will be bad. And for you friend, if you're always wanting change, just look from a different view on things that remain. If you want to prove yourself as more than a child, stop acting like one. It's better to look ahead and see where you're going, than pride making you stare up, leading to trouble blindly."

I just flew away.


  1. Thanks for this, it's like a good massage.

  2. Nice little story you got goin here.

  3. nice post :) I like your style :)

  4. I would fly away as well. I'd rather get in to trouble keeping my head high and gazing towards victory, than living a life looking towards mediocrity.

    Keep it up :3

  5. Can't agree more about the evil vs good theory.
    Keep it up with these beautiful short stories

  6. always love reading your posts.

  7. "lol you mad jack?"
    good story bro

  8. Very entertaining read, waiting for more!

  9. Jack seemed very upset. maybe even..... mad?