Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adventure Awaits: Chapter Unraveled

Starting a new story/ opera of sorts. It will be about a young cardinal leaving the nest in search of his own house. He meets blue jays, a flock of ravens lead by a crow, and an old vulture. For this I will incorporate both songs/poetry and free-verse writing. Just so you can follow the story a bit better. I don't want to give away too much of the story and characters, because I don't know much myself...just the main storyline. Everything will unfold as it's being thought up and told.

The Characters:
Redd, The Cardinal: Main character, who is in search finding his own place to live. Outgoing, charismatic, but very ignorant about the outside world.
Jack, The Blue Jay: Redd's main friend in the story. He is usually very cautious and gracious, but can be tempted to have fun.
Allan, Edgar, Poe, The Ravens: The three crows who are pawns to Punch, the crow. They are all brothers, and each have a specified skill.
Punch, The Crow: The leaders of the ravens, and many are shocked to learn that she is a girl. But, she is much of a rough, tough, and aggressive.
Ceremony, The Old Vulture: He is wise and yet mysterious. He keeps to himself and is very lonely, but in his old age, he has acquired a large amount of puzzles and riddles to help those in question find answers.


  1. I think Ceremony would be my favorite character by his description. Can't wait to read more

  2. Looking forward to reading it :D

  3. The crow, reminded me of jeepers creepers dunno why lmao