Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where Monsters Reside: Frail Bodies

I'm sorry it came to this.
You've been causing me trouble and pain,
I don't know how much longer you will remain.
The acts played out, the fire within,
the contractions inside making me caving in.

Be bold, be brave, be something I'm not.

With these hands, wrapped around her neck,
I'll squeeze the pain away.
But just a single thought, can make me calm down.
I'll whisk her to sky, a place she belongs.
My heart, my heart, the boiling blood,
can't take her away from me.

I have to be me, the frighting sight.
That I might lose my mind.
The wrong with the right,
staring me down the line.
Do well or do good,
or do something I should.
The voice calls back in echos,
oh, how do I respond?
I'm scared and afraid of you.
Please get me help, before I regret
all the tragic events I will forget.

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