Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Notes

And so it begins, the turning point of our lives.
All is silent, all is forgotten.
All will have the start, and all will have the end.
Aligning with what fate is carried out,
admiring the roots we left behind, the birth of a sprout.

Take time to read what notes I left.
I'm not going to remember this day, but I will always regret.
I can't escape that warmth of your breath,
slowly sending chill down my cold neck.
Now it's time, to wipe the ice off the pane.
Boarded up, and torn apart,
I can still feel, hear, see where my life had its start.

I'll do my best, to not to cry.
But these shaky tears will come,
no matter how hard I seem to try.
Packed up my past, in shaded squares that will never last.
With the surrender of the key,
I have no other choice but to turn, and leave.

You gave me shelter, space to call my own.
Though it was shared, it was the only comfort I'd known.
Tall and thin, you heard my every whisper and laugh.
So simple, easy, when it was just you and me.
Though I'm leaving, no one will be able to take that back.
You'll remain here ground to the Earth.
You have such solid foundation,
I hate to go, but I have to leave the nest in which I have grown.

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