Monday, November 1, 2010

Death Before Dying On A Twisted River That's Bleeding

I want it, I want it.
Can't I have it all? Tell me why?
Gaze all over the body,
eyes can see, hands never to touch.
I can't control it. Tie me, calm me down.
Take it away, remove such sin.
How can I not be afraid till the end?

My weakness, kicking me down.
My strength, no where to be found.
Help me, save me, I'm going insane.
I'm with her, but I want to taste her,
Such a hard bargain to deal with,
Keep my feet moving so swift.

Can't she be here with me now,
it's just not the same as before.
I wish she would approve, can't test her.
Two strikes, one more and I'm done for.
She moves so gently, a shape so fine.
Arms around a stranger, a rope around mine.
Tied down to the girl I want,
but I can't help but to want the trick.

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