Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Keep pulling on the curtain till it calls forth,
I swear I've been here before
a familiar face that creeps when I sleep.
Let's play cops and robbers,
Be the cop who gave me a head start,
Chase the robber who happened to steal your heart.

My eyes gain weight from the thought of you,
A sunken slumber is all that waits for me.
How much longer will I find you,
wondering my dreams like an open field.
I want to get better and be able to get over this bridge,
But when you left you torn out my mind,
leaving my thoughts ridged.

What the hell were we thinking,
Silent as the day, quiet as the night,
Once it's broken the pieces won't be able to reunite.

My friend, my hands trace that face I left.
Empty to the bone, vacant marvelous air.
Eyes to the sky, get better not bitter.
No need for viewing a friend falling down.

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