Thursday, September 9, 2010

Off By A Mile

I missed my chance to take what was mine,
I am happy with who I am, with what I've done.
Tell me how I was so blind not to take a chance this time,
because it's all fading into my mind.
The color of your eyes brings me to my knees.
I'll do anything for a second chance please,
don't let me drag my heart through the thunder.
My heart sleeps in a sheltered slumber,
It will wake soon enough,
If you give it a thought of wonder.
This is what I believe in, you and me.
The taste of your lips is coursing down into my veins,
The warmth of your body is slowly making me insane.
How did I never jump to this chance,
I know wouldn't of gone, but I'd like the taste of a decent romance.

But I couldn't of been more wrong,
I was off by a mile, to think you'd ever want me in return.
Now I will go on with my life. Know you wouldn't give a damn or concern.

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