Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cave Painting

To try to illustrate my affection in a frame posted in your gallery,
I stand above the canvas to cast colors from every main artery.
Keep the compassion from passing, in thinking I am blind
to never ever notice that smirk on your face.
Run not walk if you want to ever keep up with the pace,
Buried in the accident of our lust,
One simple action peeled away the trust.

Paint my colors in a shade of an unspoken list words
I couldn't ever be, I couldn't ever see.
I will do my best to make you happy again
Won't let you quit until the very shifting end.
I'll be the canvas and you be the artist,
color me the way that make you happiest.

Hold your brush my blank white cheeks
Picture yourself you thought you'd always be.
Spit or splatter the emotions from top to bottom,
Don't forget to leave the space to sign your name.

I swore to you I would make you happy till the end,
I swore to you that not matter what we'll remain the best of friends.
I swore to you my heart lies in the truth of your hands,
I swore to you I'll take care of you even if I can't stand,
I swore to you, I promised you.
I swore to you, I promised you.

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