Saturday, September 25, 2010


A home is missing some one, the room needs it's space full,
The vacant air lingers with your presence,
So sad to hear you say you're gone far away, absent.

Memories of you by the fireplace, so warm and gold,
The fire gave you a glow that no one could ever hold,
My dear friend, I miss you.
My old friend, I'll return to you.
It's a cycle that must be turn itself around,
So I don't loose what will make you proud.

I am being what was never expected of me,
Doing the things that I could only dream.
I will on forward, but will can't forget where I came from.
It is never the starting point, it is about the destination.

All of my friends, I'll be back on another day,
once in awhile, your faces start to show in the places I miss.
Getting older while getting stronger and learning to survive this.
Through all of the bad times, I can see us settling,
And finally being able to put away childish things.

My dear friends, please remember my name,
granted we change, our friendship will remain the same.

I may be hundreds of miles away, but don't forget,
All of the time we've spent, together as one,
I want to know that you'll be there once said and done.
We can get better or bitter with every scar and dent,
But the true test is betting wiser when all is absent.

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