Monday, July 19, 2010

Visions Of A Dusty Tornado

There was something that I lost
In the process of becoming better.
Trailing back to the of where we met,
A certain kind of greeting, that leaves me on the fence.
Break away from the terror
Crawl out from the satin sky,
I am the day and you are the night.

We belong together, for every wrong reason.
You are the warm summer, I am the freezing winter,
You are I were never meant to be,
I am the fading shore, and you are rolling sea.

I owe you something I can't give,
A secret promise of our commitment,
I wish I could give all of my heart feeling confident.
This isn't how it was ever planned,
But it is exactly how it's suppose to be,

Going separate paths seem to have a way,
Of getting us back from what we strayed from.

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