Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rushing Waves

Dry dusty eyes glaze on the shoreline,
A body is numb from the freezing wind,
Wake up the senses, allow all sensations,
To override, to command, to swallow your pride,

Can we pick up where we were lost,
That security of being found, shall come with the most precious cost,

Cherish my child's heart, adore every lasting spark,
Every fire needs oxygen,
When our lips touch it's the ignition,
Smoke clears from the beach,
The water rises from the east,

Crash down like tidal waves,
This ocean will be my darkened grave,
I know at last I am lost at sea,
As the water drags me, this is the end of me,

The horizon shines with my name,
What turns me towards the setting sun,
Is the newly unshaken shame,

The stars guide me back to the ways of unknown,
My maps lies within the black diamond canvas,
Paint on my escaping body,

I can't escape, I can't come back,
You threw away all that I ever had,
You can't deny, You can't move on,
I will not face end of what hasn't begun,
I tried to see you happy, I made sure you smiled,
Giving into vile admissions, of sacrificial love,
To love you, To see you,
I have to sail on.

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